The first Mercedes-Benz

The 35hp racing car

On 22 December 1900, the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft delivered to Jellinek the first car equipped with a new engine – a 35 hp racing car. This first "Mercedes", developed by Wilhelm Maybach, Chief Design Engineer at DMG, caused a sensation at the beginning of the last century. With its low centre of gravity, a compressed-steel frame, the light and powerful engine and the honeycomb radiator, it is seen as the first automobile of its generation.

The Week of Nice in March 1901, during which the Mercedes cars were unbeatable in virtually all disciplines, earned Jellinek and his vehicles an exceptionally high profile. Sister models with 12/16 hp and 8/11 hp appeared in March and August 1901. And thanks to Jellinek's additional orders, the Daimler plant in Cannstatt was operating at full capacity.

The name Mercedes was registered on 23 June 1902 and trademarked on 26 September. In June 1903, Emil Jellinek received permission to call himself Jellinek-Mercedes. "It’s probably the first time that a father has taken the name of his daughter," commented Jellinek at the time.